Our campaigns produce

"When I brought [EBD] to my executive team, they were skeptical. Nine months later, they think it's the greatest thing ever..."

John Coffin
EVP, Atlantic Capital Bank

“... I would say about 500% ROI... It's already paid for itself.”

Anthony Pitalo
Vice President, Commercial Deposits

“Who wouldn't embrace a warm introduction to a potential customer without any real in-house effort to make the connection?”

David Molnar
President - Commercial Banking

“...these are not just hot leads, these are smoking hot leads.”

Nanci Walls
AVP Business Services

“EBD provides a defined return on investment. We’ve seen profitability within and since year one.”

Ed Skou
SVP Business Banking

“EBD's extensive knowledge of the banking industry hastened the development time and brought industry best practices to the process.”

Peter Pelham
Executive Vice President

“The pilot program is a great way to get measurable results for a modest investment.”

John Coffin
Executive Vice President

“Through [EBD], we were able to secure an appointment with the largest SBA lender in all of New York State.”

Mike Ryan
President and CEO

“EBD was able to make an appointment with the CFO of a potentially large customer where our sales team had tried unsuccessfully for several years.”

Mark Wellnitz
VP of Sales and Marketing

“We are working with EBD on two fronts and experiencing superior communication and responsiveness, not to mention significant and measurable sales growth.”

Megan Harmon
Regional President & COO

“We have doubled the size of our business accounts to date, and we have re-engaged EBD to expand our business further.”

Leonard Shimko

“I know what it takes to get in front of people because I've done it. I was very skeptical of how a third party could do this, but my fears were allayed when EBD delivered on the pilot program.”

Mike Downey
SVP Business Services

Truly successful practitioners of business development, especially in the world of high-value, relationship-oriented business, almost always use a concept that we call Respectful Persistence™. This subtle skill strikes a delicate balance between diligently pursuing a prospect and always maintaining a high level of respect for their boundaries and wishes.

A significant part of the training that is integral to our agents' preparation focuses on Respectful Persistence™. We teach our agents how to use each contact with the prospect as a way to underscore how important, satisfying and appropriate a relationship between our client and the prospect would be. At the same time, we measure and allow for the wishes of the prospect for time and space between contacts or interactions. This process requires that our agents have a high degree of listening skills, sensitivity and judgment while still being able to be assertive in pursuing an appointment with the prospect. The real key to achieving this state of balance is to be able to quickly engage the prospect on an emotional level and build rapport and trust. When this happens, the prospect is much more likely to let down his or her guard and truly connect with and "get the message" from our agent.

Equally important is the follow-up process. Having the tools to track and manage the follow-up actions is critically important as is the discipline to crisply execute the plan for follow-up.

This philosophical commitment to Respectful Persistence™ is engrained in every service we provide our clients. Whether our agents are calling the prospect or our client's business development team is calling or visiting with the prospect, this same skill set will make the difference between mediocrity and the kind of "best of breed" business development techniques that our clients have come to associate with Expert Business Development, LLC.