We offer a highly consultative approach to every client relationship.

In order to develop the most effective sales strategy, we always begin a new client relationship, campaign or product offering with a planning meeting which will cover the following:

Your Business

We want to learn about your business, culture and needs in order to provide a tailored approach.


Are you introducing a new company, new product, new territory, increasing business line or simply generating new customer leads for your pipeline? Do you need better management of your sales process?


What challenges may you encounter? For example, are you expanding your territory in a very competitive market where you have little name recognition?

Strategic Opportunity

Is a competitor stumbling or being acquired?


We introduce the respective roles of our team as well as yours. For our appointment setting clients, we discuss logistics, communications and calendaring that meet their needs. We work with entire teams as well as individual executives.


Are we covering your total footprint or just a local branch? Do you want to target your "sweet spot," specific industries for certain product lines or a broad sweep of your market? Are you developing a "frontier" market where your visibility and reputation are quite different from your "home" market?

Talking Points

We hear your story and value proposition in order to create succinct messaging that is conversational and not scripted.

Time Frame

Is there a sense of urgency to take advantage of a great opportunity or to get your message out? Are you looking for a short-term or an extended campaign?