Send targeted email campaigns and manage those contacts based on how they respond to your emails.

  • Build customized emails that deliver your message and reinforce brand recognition.
  • Send your message to targeted lists that you upload and manage with ease.
  • Follow up with your hottest leads using real-time data that tracks who has opened, read or clicked through your email.
  • Manage your contacts with sortable lists based on their behavior and automatically remove bad email addresses or anyone that unsubscribes from your mailing list.

Social Media

Broadcast your message publicly to your prospects, clients and business partners.

  • Sync your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles into one easy to use account.
  • Post your messages to all three profiles simultaneously.
  • Analyze trends and capitalize on every opportunity to gain new business.

Web Tracking

Get instant email alerts when anyone interacts with your web content – from clicking on your website page links to form submissions and landing page hits.

  • Monitor your entire website, or specific web pages, for activity.
  • Receive form submission alerts and automatically add the sender to any contact list of your choice.
  • Respond accurately by designating different team members to receive alerts depending on what is being viewed or submitted and when.

System Integration

This system natively integrates with our own Expert Lead Management SystemSM and SugarCRM, and also cooperates with a host of other relationship management tools.

You can automatically save valuable information about your digital relationship – like what emails they’ve opened, or which of your website pages they’ve viewed recently – within each of your prospect, lead and contact records. Knowing and tracking how your contacts prefer to communicate and what information they are most interested in leads to better follow-ups and stronger relationships.

If you’re not currently using a relationship management tool, don’t worry – our eMarketing solution can be used just as easily and effectively as a stand-alone system. You can sort and download complete spreadsheets that allow you to track and manage your contact lists on your own terms.


As an eMarketing client, you will create a lasting and meaningful Web, email and social media presence within your network while we provide comprehensive support on every level.

We will work with your marketing and sales executives to assist them in developing, launching and managing their respective outreach campaigns. Our training sessions will provide each of your team members with a deeper understanding of the tools and functions so they can independently manage their own process as we continue to provide consultative assistance.