Relationship Driven

Relationships are the heart of ELMSSM, so all of your prospects' data and notes can be quickly and easily accessed, sorted and updated from any desktop or mobile device.

By giving your team immediate and detailed access to their account records from wherever they are, they can stay focused on building relationships instead of managing prospect records. Additionally, with Microsoft® Outlook sync, you can choose to share your contacts and calendar with ELMSSM so your records and your schedule are always up to date.

Better Collaboration

Today, there seem to be more silos in business than on farms.

Banking may be the most glaring example of this, so ELMSSM is specifically designed to enhance communication within teams, between business lines and across the enterprise as whole.

Sales Process Command

You don’t have to be an NFL coach to know that managing highly paid, highly motivated and successful producers of results is not easy.

ELMSSM provides business line management, senior management and boards of directors with metrics-driven tools to more effectively manage pipelines and enhance individual and organizational performance.

Reporting Made Easy

ELMSSM simplifies reporting by using real-time data and pipelines to create smart reports that give your sales people and management useful insight into how best to balance their commitments.

With better reports, your team will know where to focus their attention and when, which is crucial to capitalizing on great opportunities and building better relationships.


With its flexible user interface, ELMSSM offers the benefits of customization without the typical "time & material" cost structure.

The labels, data fields and flow of information you use most can be set to match your business' preferred terminology, while the layout and reporting functions for each user are customizable to fit their individual needs.


While ELMSSM can be easily adapted to match any business model, we can always provide custom development solutions or incorporate any number of third-party upgrades.

For example, our eMarketing solution is one of many available upgrades that provide additional functionality to improve your ability to track your leads and build relationships.

Concierge Service

Each of our ELMSSM clients receive "concierge" level service at all points of the sales, implementation and training processes.

Through the evolution of your business, we will provide continued technical and user support as well as handle all upgrades so that you always have the best tools for building the relationships on which your company's success depends.