Expertise and Help

We are here to guide you every step of the way.

By helping to analyze your market potential, we can offer guidance on targeting your best prospects. Then, using our industry and market expertise, we will develop a database that meets your campaign objectives and takes advantage of current market conditions.

Data Sources

We work with the best data providers to ensure that you receive the most accurate, updated and complete data at a reasonable cost.

We provide general databases as well as targeted lists based on your selection criteria. For example, UCC databases are available for our bank or credit union clients to target their competitors who are experiencing issues or being acquired. Also, a comprehensive bank database is available for our vendors to banks and can be targeted by asset size, geography, loans, deposits, etc.
Most data sources require no minimum charge or only a nominal amount.


We have flexibility to accommodate any customized data fields in our databases.

For example:

  • a unique identifier that can be tied back to your systems
  • an appointment recipient assignment
  • a project- or client-specific question to address and capture in the database

Combining Prospect History

When starting a new calling campaign for an existing client, we import all data from any previous projects to guarantee that our agents make the most of their calling time.

This process will bring over any notes from previous calls so that our agents have a point of reference and history if a prospect has been called in the past.

Gathering Intelligence

Your database is continually updated with additional and corrected information that's been verified by our agents.

For example, we validate the current decision maker and capture the current bank or provider. Your information can be viewed through a secure client portal or downloaded in whole or in part at your request.


Your data is always kept secure and is your private property.

Our Data Security & Privacy Policy meets the rigorous requirements of Title V of Gramm-Leach-Blilely.