Professional Agents

Averaging over 20 years of professional experience and representing dozens of industries, our agents are stationed throughout the country so we can always offer a 'local' professional with relevant experience.

They are trained to represent our client's mission and products as an extension of their sales force. So, while their primary objective is always to set an appointment, they can also distribute marketing documents and execute scheduled follow up calls in order to plant seeds and build interest for potential prospects that are not yet ready to meet. This practice of Respectful Persistence ensures every prospect is worked thoroughly so our clients get access to real, informed decision makers with every appointment.

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Detailed Lead Sheets

When an appointment is made, any and all designated team members will receive a complete lead sheet by email with:

  • Date, Time and Location of the appointment with a verified decision maker
  • All prospect data, including updates confirmed by our agents and additional intelligence acquired
  • Detailed notes of the conversation(s) that led to the appointment
  • an Outlook invitation for the appointment, call or Web-demo
  • Prospect contact's vCard

In-Depth Reporting

Weekly, monthly or as often as you request, we will provide you with a detailed calling report of your campaign metrics so you can track our progress.

We also offer complete or partial database exports that include all prospect data, call history, agent notes and current status for every prospect on your list(s).

On Demand

Our calling programs are designed to fit your needs so you control who, when, why and how often we call for you.

We will start, stop, or adjust your campaign objectives or even target a completely new set of prospects at any time. So if you need to take a few weeks to catch up with the influx of new business, you want to double your efforts after new hires or even pivot your project in a new direction, we are always happy to accommodate.