For over 20 years, we have maintained our focus on building valuable relationships, both for our clients and with them. This process has led to our development of a powerful line of services that encompass every aspect of relationship building in today's market.

Our Mission

To provide lead generation and relationship management services to companies seeking to acquire, expand and retain high-value business relationships.

Our Vision

To be the preeminent provider of relationship building and lead generation services for businesses across the United States.

Our History

Expert Business Development, LLC began in 1993 as Vertical Solutions Partners, Inc., providing sales process design, implementation and training to the banking, telecommunications and healthcare industries.

Early on, it became evident that the biggest challenge facing our clients was the amount of time it takes to generate new, qualified customer leads to fill their pipeline. Consequently, we developed a professional calling program to generate those leads for our clients. Then and now, this process relies on compiling prospect lists as well as doing all of the initial contact and qualification that is requisite for a warm, well-qualified appointment.

To execute these campaigns, we have made a conscious decision not to have a call center so we can attract much higher level and better qualified agents who would not work in a call center environment. As a result, we have organized a network of over 40 agents, averaging at least 10 years of sales and business experience in dozens of different industries. These agents work from their homes throughout the United States, Canada and the UK while receiving continuous training in business development best practices as well as specific client information. This ongoing training allows them to effectively represent our clients' brands, services and value proposition to the prospects they call.

Using our proprietary Web-application, our agents can remotely and efficiently manage their assigned calling lists while documenting their calls extensively. The client portion of our Web-application provides easy access to prospect records, lead sheets and campaign status, as well as a network calendar that allows individual users to block time and manage their availability.

Over years of executing these calling campaigns, we discovered that many of our clients were universally challenged by the absence of a formalized lead management process to track the leads we provided them. Guided by our clients, in 2008, we launched our Expert Lead Management SystemSM (ELMSSM), which is a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool that helps our clients' sales teams track and manage their opportunities from initial capture through closure.

Since then, we have integrated ELMSSM with our Web-application so our clients can more easily track the leads we provide. We have also taken multiple software customizations that we developed for our unique clients and incorporated them as standard features. Recently, we extended ELMS even further by offering an eMarketing solution that provides integrated Web, eMail and social media tracking data directly in each record so our clients can track their digital relationships with every lead as well.

Every service we offer was created to meet a specific client need throughout the course of developing their business relationships. They have been tested and proven successful over many years, with many clients in various industries. And as we continue to provide these great services to our clients, we are always looking forward to new opportunities to expand our vision and improve our methods.